How do you distribute RC for free challenges of the day?

Created by Jonathan Kennell, Modified on Fri, 05 May 2023 at 09:57 AM by Jonathan Kennell

In free challenges of the day:

  • Linear Payout from 5-100 RC
    • The player with the top score always gets 100 RC
    • The player with the lowest qualifying* score always gets 5 RC
    • Everyone in between gets RC according to a "linear" payout curve

  • Ties
    • If players are tied, the prizes for all tied ranks are averaged, and split evenly among the tied players.  So if 2 players were tied for 2nd place, they would each receive the average of the 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

* Qualifying means you played the required number of matches.  Players who didn't play the required number of matches do not win any RC.

For example:

Suppose there are 5 players with qualifying matches, and 1 without qualifying matches.

Player RankScoreWinnings
125100 RC
21176 RC
31052 RC
4328 RC
505 RC
Did not qualify--0 RC

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